White Wines

House Wines

Casa Silva Sauvignon Blanc (Chile) €27
A bright, clear straw in colour with pale green hues. On the nose crisp and intense aromas of citrus and gooseberry with tropical notes of mango and pineapple. Gls: €7

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) €31
This intense sauvignon blanc is alive with a myraid of flavours, dominated by gooseberry, passionfruit, fresh citrus and herbaceous aromas. Gls: €8

Luca Botter Pinot Grigio (Italy) €27
A light straw yellow colour with fresh fruity notes and floral light tones of apple and citrus. Gls: €7

Coldridge Chardonnay (Australia) €27
A soft buttery wine with a smooth mouth feel and rich tropical fruits on the finish. Gls: €7


Marieta Alberino (Spain) €33
Bright straw-yellow green colour with a touch of lemon. A uniquely fruity aroma highlighting hints of peach, ripe apple and melon, as well as nuances of lemon citrus.

Vidal Sauvignon Blanc Reserve (New Zealand) €35
A flavoursome wine with mouth-watering acidity, with gooseberry and passion fruit notes.

Martin Codax Alberino (Spain) €37                                                                                Clean, bright lemon yellow with greenish reflections. Medium intensity with ripe citrus notes of tangerine. Predominant floral notes and a herbal background.